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Thomas The Geek
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Welcome To My Home Page

  • Are you looking for help with your computer problems?
  • Frustrated by overpriced technicians that leave you hanging?
  • Can’t get the answers to your questions

With 30 years of hand-on experience, I offer a focused variety of services exclusively for residents in the Metrotown area.

  • Computer Basics Tutoring – Your questions answered on Internet security issues, how to spot email scams and phishing, tips on maintaining your computer and more.
  • Computer Maintenance – Regular computer maintenance that includes fixing those pesky annoyances, conflicts addressed, system optimization and computer health analysis performed.
  • Hardware Upgrades and Customization – Includes system backups, data recovery, hard drive upgrades and custom computer builds.
  • Virus and Malware Removal – All virus, malware and trojans hunted down, removed and preventative measures implemented, all areas of your operating system thoroughly inspected.

I provide a complete, thorough, plain English service unlike any other computer technician, featuring…

  • Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux Support
  • Confidential Service at Affordable Rates
  • Plain English Step by Step Explanations
  • Live Online and Email Help for Clients
  • In Home Service Where Needed

I am reliable, honest and enjoy helping people.

Also Available…

  • Private Web Hosting and Site Design
  • Managed WordPress Support
  • Affordable Rates to Fit Your Budget

Notice: In house visits are available during the morning hours and during select afternoon and evening dates that vary. Contact me for available times and to schedule an appointment. Sorry, servicing is only available to residents in the Metrotown area.

This site is currently being upgraded, so please use the contact form to contact me for your support needs.